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Comprehensive Infrastructure Assessment
in North Vancouver, BC

Because geotechnical engineering is critical to infrastructure integrity, you should place a high level of importance on ensuring a complete assessment of your project. The foundation of your building must stand up to the weight of the structure, ground movement, and fluctuations in weather. An infrastructure assessment in North Vancouver, BC, gives builders the confidence to move forward with their projects. Without this crucial consideration, the structure may become unsound and unsafe.

Arya Engineering considers multiple elements for infrastructure assessment. Our geotechnical service provides an in-depth look at groundwater, soil quality, and seismic design. We then compile the information into a comprehensive report. The findings of our assessment can affect how your project might continue and whether changes need to be made to the structure. Proceeding with construction without an analysis can result in construction delays, or worse, problems with the building in the future. Addressing issues at the start of a project will make the process run more smoothly and offers clients and builders peace of mind for the future.

Talk to us today about our geotechnical services and an infrastructure assessment to give your project the support it needs to stand the test of time.